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Disaster cleanup and complete maintenance service

Being a victim of a disaster is challenging enough itself, that is why we entrust the care of the household by cleaning home and be able to recover and restore most of your belongings as possible.

We pay special attention to your surroundings while performing tasks related to cleaning and maintenance of your home with integrity.

We assure you a thorough cleaning and maintenance so you can return to your daily life in peace. Maintenance service for a residential cleaning is complete the solution to your problem situation!

Specialist in house cleaning, residential cleaning and after disaster maintenance

The right solution for you! For a regular or occasional cleaning, residential cleaning or deep cleaning and general maintenance, our specialists will gladly clean discuss with you and develop a solution to your measurement.

No other team can not meet your expectations for cleaning, cleaning and housekeeping as efficiently! Our experts carry out cleaning and maintenance in order to earn your business!

Give yourself the peace of mind with a cleaning professional at home, for you

Our trusted team of 514-Menages frees you from maintenance task related to cleaning and cleasing, we have the solution for all the relatives duties (partial or full) of housekeeping. Whether you need a daily, weekly or a monthly cleaning, we are specialized for your need.

So you will give yourself time to take care of your occupations. With our personnalized cleaning service, adapted specialy to your need, your budget and your time, we have the exact solution, and it is at your fingertips!

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